Environment & Social Responsibility

Environment and Social Responsibility

Özkoyuncu Mining has adopted sustainable development as its core principle. As such, we aim to balance economical improvement, growth, social development and environmental protection.
In this context, Özkoyuncu Madencilik continues its social development program primarily aimed at the local community.

Some of the health and social facilities and aid programmes that Özkoyuncu Mining and its partners support are:

  • Özkoyuncu Elementary School and its lodgings (Kayseri-Yahyalı-Çubuklu Village)
  • Mustafa Koyuncu Anatolian Teacher High School and Dormitory for Girls (Kayseri-Yahyalı)
  • Yahyalı General Hospital Wing (Kayseri- Yahyalı)
  • Özkoyuncu Mosque and its lodging (Kayseri-Yahyalı-Karaköy Village)
  • Mustafa and Asiye Koyuncu Health Center (Kayseri-Yahyalı)
  • Besime Özderici Elementary School (Kayseri-Melikgazi)
  • Ali Rıza Özderici Anatolian Imam Hatip High School (Kayseri-Melikgazi)
  • Erciyes University Besime Özderici Gynecology Unit (Kayseri-Melikgazi)
  • Erciyes University Mustafa Koyuncu Orthopedics Unit (Kayseri-Melikgazi)
  • Kızılay Hospital Refurbishjment (Kayseri-Melikgazi)
  • Ali Rıza Özderici-Mustafa Koyuncu Nursing Home (Kayseri-Kocasinan)
  • Nuh Naci Yazgan University Lodgings (Kayseri-Kocasinan)
  • Member of Abdullah Gül University Foundation
  • Ali Rıza Özderici High School (İstanbul-Kemerburgaz)
  • Özkoyuncu/Gazi Elementary School Additional Building (Zonguldak-Ereğli)
  • igher education scholarship programme for approximately 1,000 students

Environmental preservation and sustainable development are priorities in Özkoyuncu Madencilik's activities. We comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and aim to set internal policies above the minimum legal requirements. In respect to environment and sustainable development we aim to:

  • Provide necessary education to increase environmental awareness of our employees and the local community
  • Update internal environmental procedures continuously,
  • Take necessary steps to prevent potential pollution,
  • Employ economical  use of our natural resources,
  • Closely follow the environmental regulations set by the legislation,
  • Increase environmental consciousness with continuous internal audits,
  • Employ technology at its full extent in order to design environmentally friendly production projects,
  • Carry out planned rehabilitation projects upon completion of mining activities for a greener and healthy environment